• Screenshot from the game

    Archers! - Multiplayer HTML 5 game

    Working on and off for approximately a year I've created a very simple multiplayer game written entirely in HTML/CSS/JS as an experiment testing web-stack capabilities for game production. Project has been mostly successful, game is playable online though lacks some polish. It's playable online at.
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  • Angular-RequireJS seed project

    Running AngularJS paired up with RequireJS involves configuring few tweaks and hacks, especially if trying to preserve testability of Angular app. This seed project has been created to setup the entire front-end stack correctly and help developers get started with their projects.
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  • Screenshot from a live MVP of gl.gg

    GL & GG [MVP]

    Simple web-based app that allows you to team up, organize and prepare for online, competetive gameplay. Implemented only to an MVP stage in order to test it with a small group of gamers, it has turned out to be impractical. Build with AngularJS and Semantic UI.
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  • Screenshot from a live version of Spellstack app


    Spellstack is a web-based toolset for Magic: The Gathering players. Using Spellstack users can put together a well-balanced, powerful deck for your next casual or tournament game. Additional tools such as random hand, statistics etc. help users evaluate deck's potential and performance.
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