wtf happened to software?!

Gosh I hate what happened to software. I really do. When did it all happen? Let's take windows for an example: Why all of sudden to use windows you need at least 2 firewalls, an anti-virus and a rookit detector. Why every time you start something else than Internet Explorer you have to confirm that you indeed intended to run this application and yes it should be allowed to connect to the internet in both home and office network and yes public network too! Why every single app all of a sudden needs to add something to one of 10 places where windows keeps 'autostart apps'; or sneak in a shitty toolbar plugin to spy on my every action; or at least change my default search engine.

Similar revolution happened to PC games: You need to download Steam, Origin or other spyware, create an account to play a single game these days. Origin takes 5 minutes to start on a well-spec gaming rig and Steam will fuck-up my game every time an update is release. And once you get through all this crap a small fluctuation on your network connection will stop you from playing thanks to our new friend DRM. This is supposed to stop piracy they say, but hey it has been on the Pirate Bay day before the official release day and Razor 1911 made it EASIER to install the damn thing than the distributor itself. Put the disc in, double click razor_install.exe, select path, click OK, grab a drink, play.

Another thing - programmer's best friend - the IDE (or a very clever editor). My programming environment is like a temple so I can't stand one that takes 20 seconds to start like Eclipse does, or one that crashes every 30 minutes like Komodo does. Since I'm using different operating systems it can't be platform limited like Visual Studio and hey I appreciate the fact that your vim/emacs can do all that Eclipse does but I don't have 10 years spare to learn all the magic nor I really want to use a command-line text editor 40 years after Apple stole GUI from Xerox.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that I should have become a monk; find myself an isolated cave in Himalayas and spend rest of my life searching for inner peace. Yet they don't have 3G up there so I'll stick to my software engineer career.